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DEBIT CARD ALERT: Due to a recent debit card fraud outbreak for customers in the area, we have limited all "automated fuel pump" or "pay at the pump" transactions outside of a 140-mile radius of Lamar.

When using their debit cards, customers will need to pay inside the store for any fuel transactions outside of the 140-mile radius. For more information you can call us at (719)336-3272 in Lamar or at (719)563-1272 in Springfield.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause; however, our customer's safety and security is a priority at Community State Bank.
Pay at Pump

Community State Bank's CD Rates begining September 17th, 2018!

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CD Rates

New Surcharge-Free ATM Network!

Community State Bank is happy to announce our new partnership with the Allpoint ATM Network to provide you with a worldwide Surcharge-Free ATM Network that includes all Loaf 'n Jugs, Walgreens and more!

The 2019 CSB Vacation Club is now available with a great rate!

Start saving for the 2019 vacation of your dreams! For more info click here!

The New Community State Bank Mobile App is Here!

We are very excited to offer the new CSB Mobile App. It is easy to use, easy to install and is available in the Apple, Amazon and Google Play App Stores. Simply search for the keywords “CSB Lamar” or “Community State Bank Lamar” to find the app. (Please note that you must first be enrolled in Online Banking at to use the App.)

EMV Chip Technology - Added layers of security

Community State Bank is excited to introduce the new Debit Cards with EMV Chip technology for your purchase protection!

Debit Cards with EMV A Chip Card is a credit or debit card with a traditional magnetic strip and an embedded microchip for added security. The embedded microchip provides an added layer of security when used at chip-enabled ATMs and terminals. And, keep in mind that you can also swipe your Chip Card as usual if the terminal doesn’t have chip technology.

Your Community State Bank debit card will be replaced to the new Visa Chip Card at no cost to you. Your current card will still be active and will work as ususal with no changes until your new card arrives.

All Community State Bank debit cards will be replaced over the next 12 months to the new EMV Chip Technology Card on the month that your card is set to expire. For instance, if your card shows an expiration date of January 2018, you will receive your new card with the Chip Technology in January of 2016. Please note: once your new card is activated, you will no longer be able to use your old debit card.

If you would like to upgrade your card before the card's expiration month, you may call Community State Bank to order a replacement; however, there will be a standard replacement card fee.

Visa chip cards are not only more secure, they are also simple to use. Chip cards and terminals work together to protect in-store payments. A unique one-time code is generated behind-the-scenes that is needed for the transaction to be approved - a feature that is virtually impossible to replicate in a counterfeit card.

For more information about the EMV Chip Card Technology you can visit the Visa Chip Card Technology Site.

Have you tried Voice Access Banking?

The Community State Bank Voice Access banking system allows you to hear your balances, transactions and allows you to perform transfers and more!

You can access the Community State Banks Voice Access system from anywhere by calling - (719) 336-3281.

Our Voice Access service will allow you to access your accounts 24 hours a day 7 days a week through an easy automated voice activated system!

Community State Bank Updates

We have added a new page about Your Security to help give you tips and best practices to keep your online banking and shopping safer.

With the growing variety of mobile devices, social networking sites, and online offers, it is important to protect yourself and your computer. Visit the Your Security page to learn more about online safety and ways to keep your private information private.

For Commercial customers, we recommend taking our new Online Risk Assessment to review your online security. This Risk Assessment will ask you various questions about your internal processes and after subission of the assessment, it will provide you with suggestions on how you can increase online safety for your customers, employees and business.

For more helpful information about online safety, you can visit our Customer Education Resource page for more helpful links!

Please Remember - Community State Bank will never solicit personal information such as account numbers, social security numbers, personal identification numbers, etc. Remember, unless you initiate contact, never provide personal information.



The FDIC Increased your Deposit Insurance as of Late 2008

FDIC Insurance

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